Strategic Objectives

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An apprenticeship system highly regarded by all stakeholders because it provides;
A good return on investment for employers and apprentices
An increase in the take up of apprenticeships
Best practice procurement of support services by government
A professional support services workforce
Strong profile with the community
Improved completion rates
A flexible and easy to use program
An Industry centred apprenticeship system because it;
Has a high level of engagement by employers
Provides the skills required for the participating business and the wider economy
Provides flexible support services that meet industry and business needs
Achieves the best fit between the employer and the employee
Is easy to use
An inclusive apprenticeship system because it;
Addresses the foundation skills of apprentices
Provides high quality formal training
Is a contemporary employment experience
Provides relevant and transferable skills learned on the job
Provides access for equity groups
Achieves a best fit between the employee and employer
Provides support services that meet apprentices needs
Facilitates a higher take up of apprenticeships

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